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Our Products

The following Product Lines all contains high BioChar content and can be transported over long distances and can also be exported in containerized long shelf life bulker bags:

Cold Bio Mix (CBM) Asphalt

For use as new wearing course repairs on stable pre-prepared road base surfaces and as maintenance and pothole repairs on existing asphalt or concrete surfaces.

Cold Bio Mix sizing options

 AC7 (6.7 mm Aggregate size)

 AC10 (9.5 mm Aggregate size)

 Ac14 (13.5 mm Aggregate size)

GCI Cold Bio Mix Micro Surfacing

For use as a skid-free sealing  surface repair for low duty cracked asphalt and concrete hardstand areas and as specialist applications for Golf Cart Tracks, Bicycle tracks, Courtyards, etc

GCI Cold Slurry Premix

3- 5 mm Slurry Mix for sealing/repair of existing high duty cracked asphalt and concrete surfaces.

GCI Airport Runway Cold Bio Premix

Specialized Cold aggregate and soil-based mixes for remote and rural airports.

GCI Soil Stabilizing Emulsion + BioChar concentrates

Purpose designed Binder Concentrates that combines with BioChar additions to construct High Duty (Slow Speed) Plantation and Mining Haul Roads.

GCI Specialized Modified “Construction Char Product Range

Ready to use “Construction Char”, that contains minimum 80% BioChar from pyrolyzed waste materials.

Below Product Range available from existing production plants – Not for export.

The following Product Lines will all contain high BioChar content:

GCI Cold Crack Fill Premix

Fine Slurry/Paste Mix for use as crack fill on existing stable bases.

GCI Standard Soil Stabilization Cold Binder Mixes

Liquid Binder containing GCI Rubber Rich Emulsions and standard environment safe anti-stripping and filler materials.

GCI Modified Soil Stabilizer Cold Bio Mixes

Liquid GCI Binder containing specialized environment safe reclaimed and processed waste materials like BioChar,   Crushed Glass, Concrete and Brick fines.

GCI Modified Granular Cold Mixes (Skid Resistant)

Granular Rubber Rich Binders containing specialized environment safe reclaimed and processed waste materials.

GCI Modified Cold Slurry Mix for RAP

Modified Liquid Binder Mix for Clean and Dirty RAP material of various sizes.

GCI Colored Premixes

A range of permanent-colored binders and cold premixes for various applications.

GCI Dust & Erosion Control Products

A range of dust suppression and dust binding environment safe products for road/mining/agricultural applications.